Stay Connected in 2021 with Unlimited Residential Internet

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Home internet service has come a long, long way in even the past five years. Plans are more affordable through select providers, features are more beneficial to everyday users, and speeds are higher than ever. On the flip side, 2021 looks set to be another unconventional year and we need to keep our cool, weather the weirdness and make the most of every day. Having fast, stable home internet can help us achieve exactly this. 

So, let’s stay connected with one another and enjoy the experience!

What Bandwidth Anxiety?

KWIC’s cable internet plans do just what they say on the tin. You’ll get ultra-fast, ultra-capable service with no worries over data caps. If you’re eager to stream in 4K without buffering, take as many Zoom calls as your heart desires or cut down on the stresses of e-learning, we’re here to help with plans that make sense for users of 2021, not 2001. In that sense, our cable internet plans allow you to say goodbye to bandwidth anxiety and hello to newfound digital opportunities! Create an online business, keep in touch with loved ones without worrying about hitting manufactured limits, or unwind with multiplayer gaming. You do you, and your internet will keep up!

Competitive, Consumer-First Pricing

Have the need for speed? Or do you simply need something that won’t slow to a crawl for basic use? Our home internet plans offer a wide range of options for a reason – not everyone needs the highest upload and download speeds. That means you can save by seeing the exact numbers you’ll get, the installation costs, and your usage allowance (always unlimited with us). It’s never been easier to find a great deal on exceptional home internet service, so be sure to shop around and look at what’s available – there’s no reason not to upgrade in 2021 if you’re on the fence about it!

Features Aplenty

Need fast Wi-Fi that supports multiple 4K streams without breaking a sweat? How about a hardwire connection that’s solid as rock and quicker than you could ever imagine? There are unlimited home internet options available to suit every need, but we don’t stop at the connection types. While readily offering fibre, DSL, Wi-Fi and cable internet, we can also handle digital home phone bundling and whole-home Wi-Fi. Packages include everything from webmail access and email security to top-notch technical support, multiple email addresses, caller ID, voicemail, and more. In that sense, you’ll have all the features you’d normally need in an everyday residential use case – no expense wasted on things that you’ll never use. That means the pricing is sensible, and so are the service offerings!

Great Service for Households of All Sizes

Speaking of service, you don’t have to worry about whether there’s an affordable, high-performance plan geared towards your household size. From single remote commuters to gaming couples and homes with multiple e-learning students, today’s internet solutions are designed to take a licking and keep on ticking. Say goodbye to stress, downtime and the dreaded video buffering. For instance, if you choose KWIC for your home internet, you’ll always enjoy snappy, responsive network connectivity, designed from the ground up to be stable and ready for multiple users. If you need even more “oomph” in your upload and download speeds, we offer competitively priced solutions with even better performance, but plenty of users will be just fine with the lower-level plans!

Bear in Mind How Your Use Case Has Changed

As noted earlier, 2021 is set to be another weird one – at least for now. If you’ve been struggling to succeed in working or learning from home, take a good look at whether your home internet is holding you back. To be clear, it shouldn’t – a fast and responsive connection is our lifeline to the outside world more than ever! If your use case has changed or you need something better than what you have, internet providers are listening, and you’ll find no shortage of competitively priced options waiting for you. Try to plan for the future even though it’s likely foggy – invest in something that’s going to last and keep up with household user demands on a daily basis without any hassle!

Today’s unlimited home internet options are cost-effective, feature-packed and among the most capable around, which is especially important as use cases are typically more demanding than ever. Trying times don’t have to mean trying your patience with buffering, slow speeds or downtime! Kicking needless data caps to the curb feels great for our KWIC customers, as does having the upload and download speeds they need to succeed in their daily endeavours. To learn more about our plan options, pricing, or technical support, our team is standing by and happy to help. Contact us today to get started, and let’s help you find a 2021-proof solution that’s ideal and affordable!