Business Telephone Services

Explore our options today to improve and expand your communications tomorrow!

KWIC Internet offers a wide variety of services for business customers. With our dedicated telephone services benefiting from the same high standard of quality assurance and support you know and trust, it’s never been easier to help your team perform at their peak. 

Explore our options today to improve and expand your communications tomorrow!

SIP Trunks

Say goodbye to dedicated landlines – and extra costs – by switching to voice over internet protocol (VoIP) via our low-cost SIP trunking service. Easy to use and flexible, these solutions can be customized to suit specific needs or integrated with existing onsite IP PBX systems. The choice is yours!


Low Cost

Since there’s no extra hardware or onsite installation required, you can expect lower monthly fees compared to traditional analogue landlines. If your existing PBX supports SIP, you’re good to go!



Expanding your team and need to handle more active users at once? We’ve got you covered – our SIP trunks and VoIP solutions scale easily with your business.



There’s no need to worry about managing extra hardware or wiring – SIP trunks from KWIC Internet are a fully digital, streamlined alternative!

Hybrid PBX

Dive into VoIP without digging deep into your pockets. KWIC Internet’s Hybrid PBX offers a mix of onsite hardware and cloud software to deliver the most secure, high-quality communications experience possible. Plus, protecting your business is easier than ever thanks to built-in equipment failure safeguards, and you’ll even enjoy a range of advanced communications features.


Designed for Flexibility

With over 40 features including advanced call queuing, our Hybrid PBX solutions make keeping in touch – and on top of day-to-day deliverables – that much easier.


Security Comes First

With your own hosted PBX controller, you’ll benefit from a more fortified and effective communications solution. Our network is designed to deliver enterprise-grade security.


Stress-Free Upgrades and Optimizations

From regular maintenance to new features, KWIC makes it quick and seamless to improve operations, with our non-intrusive approach to network upgrades. What’s more, you’ll benefit from constant optimizations and performance tweaks – all at no extra cost!

Small Business Line

Our small business line provides exceptional call quality and ease of use. In addition, your team will enjoy integrated VoIP support, long-distance calling, and flexible call forwarding to ensure the best possible experience on either end. This is a low-cost, reliable choice for smaller companies and home office setups alike!


A Budget-Minded, Uncompromising Solution

Designed to provide essential features for small businesses for one low monthly fee.


Easy to Set Up

No need to worry about a complicated installation; simply plug your telephone into our equipment and start calling!


Built to Last

With tested and proven VoIP technology and the constant support of our highly trained technicians, your communications are kept secure and efficient.

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