Cable Internet in Ontario

At KWIC Internet, we’re all about breaking boundaries. Data caps? Gone. Middling download speeds? Not an issue. With our cable internet packages, we take this focus to the next level, offering incredible performance and dependability while still maintaining the competitive pricing standard our company is known for. This is a serious win for residential and business customers alike. Our internet solutions serve as the gateway to knowledge, entertainment and communication, which is why we believe that the latest innovations should be made available to more users. Discover how a trusted local internet service provider like KWIC Internet can make web access faster and stress-free.

Cable You Can Count On

KWIC Internet’s coaxial cable packages drastically outperform DSL options of the same price. Through the use of a hardwired connection powered by next-generation DOCSIS technology, everything from streaming in high-definition to downloading the latest must-have game to Zoom calls and more is handled with speed and precision. The technology packed into our cable internet networking is a great choice for larger households, small businesses and more – especially if you have multiple users who consume a lot of data at the same time!

Next-Generation Hardware

Of course, with a powerful wired connection comes a powerful modem to keep pace, and we at KWIC Internet are proud to offer a wide selection of options. From DOCSIS 3.1 to compact units with built-in WiFi, we have something for everyone. Gigabit ethernet is also supported on these high-powered systems, meaning the days of waiting for a video to buffer or an upload to complete are long gone. That’s the magic of cable internet connectivity, and KWIC Internet is excited to hook you up!

Support Where You Need it, When You Need it

Our support team consists of many dedicated technicians with years of real-world support experience. We’re happy to perform remote diagnostics, keep your connection secure and provide any critical updates, all without getting in your way! Plus, since we handle everything in-house, we’re more informed and capable of quickly resolving any issues if they pop up. Our team is ready to arrange an installation or perform network maintenance when it works for you, just the way it should be, so feel free to provide your availability and we’ll accommodate accordingly.

Plenty of KWIC Internet users are discovering the capabilities of our cable internet packages, and we’re excited to show you what cable can do. With unlimited data usage, ultra-fast wired and wireless connectivity and top-notch support, it’s a great choice for all sorts of use cases. To learn more, feel free to reach out to us today!

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KWIC Residential Fibre

Find our Residential Fibre available in the following areas:

  • Birch Point
  • Saugeen Shores
  • Goderich
  • Hanover
  • Cannington
  • Campbellford
  • Aylmer
  • Port Rowan
  • Port Burwell
  • And more


Our cable Internet service is generally available within town and city limits. Please contact us to confirm availability.

What Do KWIC Customers Say?

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