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KWIC Internet’s Business High Speed Wireless offers unlimited internet service using wireless technology that is maintained and upgraded by our experienced support team. This service is intended for clients where DSL or other forms of high speed internet services are not available. Have a location in a town or city? You may qualify for High Speed Fibre, Cable or DSL.

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Our Internet Packages

Whether you operate a small business or lead a large team, you can count on us for fast connections and greater network resilience.



Stream and work remotely with multiple devices at once.

Download Speeds up to

25 Mbps

Upload Speeds up to

5 Mbps

Unlimited Usage



Even faster upload and download speeds.

Download Speeds up to

15 Mbps

Upload Speeds up to

3 Mbps

Unlimited Usage



Even faster upload and download speeds.

Download Speeds up to

8 Mbps

Upload Speeds up to

2 Mbps

Unlimited Usage



For basic access and web browsing.

Download Speeds up to

4 Mbps

Upload Speeds up to

1 Mbps

Unlimited Usage

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KWIC Features

All of our packages include:

  • Webmail access
  • Spam and virus email protection
  • Technical support

This service is provided under a 1 year contractual agreement, and payment for the service is made by auto credit card or bank draft.

What Do KWIC Customers Say?

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