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With KWIC Internet’s Residential High Speed DSL, you can stream all your favourite movies, download all your favourite music, or game to your heart’s content. Choose KWIC Internet, because we deliver service that is backed up by quality technical support. Read More

Whether you are looking to stream your favourite film on Netflix, attempting a first-time video chat with your parents (good luck), downloading some funky tracks for your music library, or playing video games online, it is important that your internet is operating reliably all the while at an affordable rate. At KWIC Internet we offer unlimited high speed internet to homes and businesses throughout the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Our reputation is built on the fundamentals of a superior internet provider—blazing fast speed, great reliability and affordably priced.

Heavy downloaders fear no more! Our internet packages offer unlimited usage allowances for your downloading needs. With industry-leading internet speeds, online gamers can experience the best in graphics quality without worrying about lag times and choppy game play. If you are seeking a provider that offers the best usage rates, speed, and dependability, look no further. At KWIC Internet we understand the significance of having a high-quality internet provider to serve your needs, no matter how demanding. That is why we offer a variety of packages.

By choosing KWIC Internet as your internet provider, you will be receiving outstanding customer service, more than 30 years of industry leading experience and above all else, an incredible product. With packages starting from just $39.95/ month we offer a great variety of bundles catering to your required internet needs. Our download speeds, are as high as 50Mbps through our high-speed DSL. Along with incredible download and upload speeds comes unlimited usage! Installation costs are low with wireless modem included allowing you to save all while experiencing premium quality service from one of our knowledgeable and well-versed technicians. Also included in your outstanding internet package is webmail access, spam/virus protection, and technical support at no additional cost.

At KWIC Internet we know how important it is to have high-speed internet that is actually high speed and affordable. We offer the best in connectivity to small towns and urban centres alike across the province of Ontario, including major hubs such as Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo, Niagara, and London.

If you do not have regular land line phone service, you may still be eligible for Residential High Speed DSL through our dry loop service. Live out of town? You may qualify for Residential High Speed Wireless.

Our DSL Internet Packages

Whether staying in touch, being productive or enjoying the best in online entertainment, you can’t go wrong with one of our many available plans. Our DSL Internet packages include a WiFi modem for your convenience.

DSL 6 / 800


Enjoy a stable connection at a budget-friendly monthly rate.

Download speeds 6 Mbps

Upload speeds up to 800 Kbps

Unlimited usage

DSL 15 / 1


A great value for those who play online games or stream video.

Download speeds up to 15 Mbps

Upload speeds up to 1 Mbps

Unlimited usage

DSL 25 / 10


Even higher download and upload speeds, perfect for multi-device households.

Download speeds up to 25 Mbps

Upload speeds up to 10 Mbps

Unlimited usage

DSL 50 / 10


Whether you stream in 4K or have a large household, this plan is for you.

Download speeds up to 50 Mbps

Upload speeds upt to 10 Mbps

Unlimited usage


A $65 activation fee applies for all DSL Internet accounts. If you do not have active telephone service, a dry loop may be required.
Pricing varies based on your location/band. Click here to see pricing by band
Due to many factors, maximum speeds may not always be obtained and no guarantee is made of continuous operation.
A one-time shipping fee of $10 may apply.
All services are subject to applicable taxes

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DSL Internet is available across the province of Ontario.

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KWIC Features

All of our packages include:

  • Webmail access
  • Spam and virus email protection
  • Technical support
  • 3 email addresses

What Do KWIC Customers Say?

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