Finding the Right Wireless Internet for Your Needs

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Whether you are looking to have your first home internet solution installed or are ready to upgrade from your current network, it’s not easy to make an informed decision. Why is that? Nowadays, life is anything but normal – and there may very well be a new normal on the horizon! In that sense, there are many variables to consider; how exactly do you intend to use your internet connection on a day-to-day basis? Which specific service elements and features do you need? 

Don’t worry. Our team at KWIC is here to help you sort it all out, finding the right internet for your needs. Today, let’s get started by exploring the most common use case scenarios for home Wi-Fi internet. If any of them align with yours, let’s chat about the many Wi-Fi internet options available at KWIC – we have something for everyone!

Working from Home

Has your regular nine-to-five shortened in commute from a bus downtown to a walk into the living room? More of us are working from home than ever before, but that doesn’t mean that our remote commuting setups are ready to keep up with us. The right wireless internet solution in this regard is zippy, dependable, and doesn’t get bogged down by multiple zoom calls. The same holds true for circumstances where you need to access virtual desktops over a cloud-based connection, access and share critical files, and juggle workflows. With a stable, sufficiently fast network both in terms of upload and download speeds, you’ll be in great shape for your next productivity session.


Speaking of productivity, what if you’re a student yourself or need a reliable internet solution for the kids? The same golden rule applies here – get ahold of an ISP that can offer sufficient bandwidth at great prices, especially if you’re in a rural area with limited access to other networks and computers. Whether attending virtual college classes or tackling online homework in grade four, it’s easier to focus and thrive when your connection doesn’t inhibit the effectiveness of your studies. The last thing you want is to miss out on an important video lesson or be unable to contribute to a collaborative project!

Online Gaming

Now, how about when you’re ready to kick back and shut off “work mode?” Online gaming has been a popular choice for many, especially over the last year due to the present circumstances we’re all enduring, but there’s nothing worse than experiencing connection lag in the heat of battle. To compete at your peak, ensure you have a wireless internet connection with solid upload and download speeds – one that won’t get bogged down if someone else browses online in another room while you’re playing. 

Netflix and Chill

Not a gamer? How about binging your favourite shows on Netflix, Crave, Apple TV+ or any of the other many fantastic streaming services out there? Most of this content is available in 4K resolution, offering dazzling clarity and detail to make your viewing experience more immersive and vibrant. However, 4K streaming is a bit of a bandwidth hog, and not every internet connection out there is going to be able to handle it, let alone multiple streams going on throughout the house. Whether you’re a solo watcher, share a Netflix account with the household or otherwise, around 15 Mbps is the minimum we’d recommend for 4K streaming when it comes to download speeds. Any less and your connection may experience buffering, which isn’t fun for anyone! 

Virtual Chats with Family and Friends

Lastly, do you regularly check in with friends and loved ones remotely? If so, is your internet connection capable of handling those video chats over Facetime, Zoom, Skype or other popular videoconferencing apps? Even if you normally use text-based chat methods such as Facebook Messenger and Gmail, it’s a good idea to have a stable, reliable wireless home internet network installed. That way, not only can you keep in touch while anywhere in the house, but you won’t need to worry about missing out on critical messages, news regarding the family or otherwise. 

Do any of these use cases sound like yours? It’s likely that you can relate to more than one of them. If so, and if you’re on the market for a home internet upgrade, consider reaching out to our team at KWIC Internet. We’ve been helping more individuals get online, stay online, and have a much more rewarding home internet experience, and for a whole lot less! We’re proud to offer a wide range of residential internet services with unlimited monthly data usage, plenty of upload and download speed options, and competitive pricing. To learn more about our available services, features or otherwise, simply get in touch with us and our support team will be glad to assist!