How to Truly Test Internet Speed

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Have you signed up for home or business internet, but are unsure whether you’re getting the performance and speed that you signed up for? You’re not alone. Plenty of folks have struggled in the same way with certain providers, but not all services are made equal. Moreover, it’s possible to have your ISP perform diagnostics and troubleshoot to ensure optimal performance. 

To help you get the most out of every dollar you spend on monthly internet service, here are some ways you can put your setup to the test. In addition, we’ll cover some causes of bogged-down internet service. Let’s get started!

Use a Reliable Speed Testing Tool

There are plenty of websites out there claiming to offer comprehensive speed tests; some may even be baked into your wireless router’s companion app (such as the excellent one available for Ubiquiti’s Amplify systems). However, you don’t need special hardware to accurately measure your upload and download speeds along with other metrics, including your ping. The best solution is the easiest, and that’s where our very own speed testing tool from KWIC Internet comes in handy! It’s state-of-the-art, fast, and provides detailed measurements while putting your connection to the test. First, the tool finds an optimal server. After clicking ‘go,’ you’ll receive data for the following:

  • Ping (how long it takes for data to travel to the server and back)
  • Jitter (the variation in time between data packets as they travel)
  • Download (how much data per second you’re capable of receiving)
  • Upload (how much data per second your network is sending out)

Further Tips to Improve Your Internet Usage Experience

Don’t Just Focus on Download Speeds!

We at KWIC Internet know how important it is to be able to trust that you’re getting the advertised speeds. This is especially true for upload metrics, which are often overlooked. While it might be more interesting to see how quickly you can download a video game or stream a 4K video, it’s sending data that can often be a pain point for many. 

Monitoring your Google Nest camera system, for instance, demands higher upload speeds or you’ll run into constant buffering and unreliable performance – sometimes the cameras even go down or won’t load footage! Alternatively, if you have a lower upload speed than intended, those Zoom calls won’t be as engaging to colleagues as the video and audio data sent by your computer will be more constrained (resulting in lower quality and even stuttering). These are some key reasons why utilizing a reliable speed testing tool is crucial for everyday use, whether at home or work. 

Reduce Wi-Fi Bloat

In environments where multiple occupants are on the same network, it’s easy to bog down your Wi-Fi speeds since almost everything one can think of can connect online nowadays. From game consoles, laptops, and tablets to smartphones, fridges, televisions, speaker systems and printers, the list is pretty much endless! Hardwiring as many essential devices as possible via ethernet – and reducing the number of always-online devices you have – can help to keep bloat under control. No internet service with wireless support is impervious to slowdown caused by dozens of devices hogging the network.

Shop Around

Lastly, are your upload and download speeds not quite enough for your everyday needs? We’ve seen plenty of KWIC customers join our service during the pandemic to take advantage of low-cost, unlimited home internet, and there are several speed options readily available. Don’t be afraid to shop around, browse the offerings of providers that appeal to you, and feel free to reach out if you’re having trouble deciding on an option for your needs and use case. 

On that note, are you interested in learning more about our internet speed options, or would you like further assistance with ensuring you get the truly best performance-to-dollar ratio? We’re happy to assist! Get in touch with us at KWIC Internet today.