Bundling Your Internet and Home Phone Services

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At KWIC Internet, we’re always looking for compelling – and cost-effective – new ways for individuals to get the most out of our offerings. By bundling your internet and home phone services, you get immediate access to the best network and support around – and at a cost that makes sense! With that said, just what are the benefits of bundling your services? Let’s take a look.

Absolute Value

The main reason anyone wants to bundle their internet and home phone services is to save, and not just by a little. Bundle discounts are designed to be highly competitive and sensible, offering reasonably priced options for every budget and household size. That way, no matter which option you choose, you’ll still get the same great service – and your wallet won’t have to lose any weight to make it happen! 

One Provider, No Headaches

Another significant benefit of bundling is cutting out the middleman. Whether you’re a senior looking for no-nonsense communications or a growing family in need of a simple option with great support, our residential digital home phone, cable internet and unlimited high-speed wireless internet options give you access to our top-notch team. Working with one provider means having a singular, centralized resource for problem-solving, making changes to your plan, and switching out features as you see fit. That means no headaches, no needless waiting, and no being left wondering how to get the most out of what you’re paying for – just the way it should be!

Convenience You Can Count On

When your internet and home phone services are managed by the same reliable provider, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you’ll never be left without the features and performance you need. Whether streaming in 4K or gaming online, calling a loved one or Zoom calling throughout the day, having solid services with great speeds and call quality means you can always do what you need to do. Besides, aren’t these technologies supposed to make everyday life and work more convenient? Make sure they do!


Providers like KWIC get you set up with everything you’ll need for a streamlined, smooth-as-silk experience. From porting numbers to purchasing equipment, activating accounts and transferring numbers, we’re here to help fast-track the leadup to your first important call. For internet services, take your pick of multiple options including high-speed wireless, fibre, cable and DSL internet, all unlimited. That’s more capability to work, play, and maybe a bit of both at the same time (we won’t tell). 

Something for Everyone

If you’re bundling your internet and home phone services, you might be confused at the sheer number of options. Don’t worry if you’re choosing KWIC, as we do the number-crunching in advance for you – and always in your favour. Bundles are smartly matched, meaning you won’t have to choose a fancier phone option to get a great deal on a specific type of internet service. At the same time, there’s well and truly something for everyone, from small households to growing ones packed with online classes and remote commuting. Bundling your internet and home phone services means streamlining the entire experience for every user by working through a singular provider, as we’ve covered earlier, but this also means you can enjoy these services without worrying about intrusive updates or downtime – we’re in the business of providing the opposite experience! 

Why Choose KWIC?

When it comes to bundling your internet and home phone services in general, it’s a good route to take if you need capable and dependable solutions at a lower price with no strings attached. Look for a provider with the experience and expertise in the industry to back up their offerings, shop around, and find a bundle package that makes the most sense for your use case, household size and per-user needs. So, if you’re looking around for the best bundle options, give our team a shout! We’re a trusted, cost-effective alternative for internet, digital home phone, wireless hotspots and even business solutions, offering something for everyone at pricing that’s fair and sensible. You’ll get assistance from our professional support staff, affordable plan options and only the features that you actually need. That way, not only will you save money but also on time and stress – we’re called KWIC for a reason, after all!

Need a hand with your internet or digital home phone services? It’s time to get connected and enjoy a seamless user experience. We’re here to help whenever you need us! Reach out to our team at KWIC today to discuss bundle options, features or otherwise, and we’ll gladly sort out an ideal solution for you and your household.