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Streaming video. Online gaming. Working from home with fifty browser tabs open, along with video calls and music streaming running all day long ready to go at a moment’s notice. The future of home internet is a service that can accommodate for these use cases and many more – and all at the same time.

That future is now. Introducing KWIC Residential Fibre internet, currently available for many addresses in Southwestern Ontario with more on the way. Combined with blazing-fast performance, plenty of connection bandwidth and expert local support, we’re proud to be the one-stop, all-in-one home internet solution for many residents of Southwestern Ontario. Read More

What is KWIC Residential Fibre?

Fibre optic internet networks are designed to leave the days of dial-up and DSL in the dust. Unlike traditional copper lines that rely on an electrical current for speed, fibre-based internet connections like ours use pulses of light to send signals. This is much quicker and provides a stronger network for at-home use. Therefore, KWIC residential fibre services are designed to make you forget those legacy alternatives, unleashing incredible performance even for large households with dozens of connected devices or more.

Our Internet Packages

Whether staying in touch, being productive or enjoying the best in online entertainment, you can’t go wrong with one of our many available plans.

FIBRE 1000


Stream, game, video conference, and download with no limits.

Download Speeds up to

1000 Mbps

Upload Speeds up to

30 Mbps

Unlimited Usage



The best option for multi-device households.

Download Speeds up to

500 Mbps

Upload Speeds up to

20 Mbps

Unlimited Usage



Even faster download speeds.

Download Speeds up to

250 Mbps

Upload Speeds up to

10 Mbps

Unlimited Usage



A smooth, speedy connection at a competitive price.

Download Speeds up to

50 Mbps

Upload Speeds up to

10 Mbps

Unlimited Usage

Check Availability In Your Area

Fibre Internet is available in select areas of Southwestern Ontario.

guy with laptop

KWIC Residential Fibre

Find our Residential Fibre available in the following areas:

  • Simcoe
  • Bill’s Corners
  • Greens Corner
  • Hillcrest
  • Pine Grove
  • Walsh
  • … and more, coming soon!

Best-In-Class Support

Having the right home internet provider means having one you can trust. KWIC Internet takes customer service and quality assurance seriously to ensure the best possible performance and network resilience. This is made possible by years of professional experience in managing commercial and residential internet services. As a result, not only are you benefiting from a future-proofed connection standard, but the uptime and reliability that you expect – and deserve!

Uploads? Downloads? Here’s the Lowdown on Both

Whether you stream in 4K, make critical video calls to loved ones and fellow remote coworkers, or simply have a big household of heavy internet users, KWIC residential fibre plans are a great choice. With no data caps along with zippy upload and download speeds, you can get more done or enjoy digital entertainment without any fuss. Even if you have a dozen devices including tablets, laptops, smartphones, wireless printers and more, our network remains stable and state-of-the-art!

Ready to experience the future of home internet today? KWIC Internet lives up to our name with faster, higher-performing new solutions that are competitively priced. Our team is ready to show you what our residential fibre plans can do – contact us today or browse our available plans!

What Do KWIC Customers Say?

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