Business Fibre Internet

Now more than ever, modern businesses need modern internet solutions – low bandwidth and a lack of multi-user support just doesn’t cut it anymore. Nor should it, and that’s why the KWIC Internet team is excited to introduce our business fibre internet plans. Custom-tailored to suit your specific use case, our plans deliver incredible value and performance – no compromises!

Better than Turning to the Big Guys

The most significant benefit of choosing KWIC business fibre internet is that we’re a local team, making local refinements, proudly serving the Southwestern Ontario area. Unlike those major providers we all know and “love,” we focus on every customer to ensure they enjoy a seamless, stress-free and cost-effective experience. We’re also proud to not be a faceless corporation – our employees are local residents who believe in delivering the best possible value-to-performance ratio. That’s why KWIC is one of the most trusted and respected local internet service providers, which means the world to us.

Custom Means No More Copy-Paste Plans

When you work with us, we work with you – it’s that simple. Whether you require higher upload speeds to accommodate for sending raw video files, unlimited data usage or dependable, fast connections to ensure hassle-free virtual machine access for your remote workers, we’ve got you covered from every angle. We’re glad to get to know our business customers and formulate a business fibre setup that doesn’t just meet their needs but exceeds expectations. 

Top-Notch Support and No-Nonsense Updates

Running a business means you have enough on your plate. Who has time to troubleshoot or deal with downtime? We do away with both at KWIC; our approach to business fibre connectivity leaves no stone unturned when it comes to performance updates. Plus, our support is never outsourced, it’s provided in-house, by the experts who know our networking setup and plans best. The result? Faster, more effective service, features you’ll actually use, and friendly, professional support to ensure you have everything you need. 

Choosing KWIC fibre internet for your business is an investment in the future. With instant support for multiple users, a highly secure framework and custom options galore, it’s time to experience true innovation – and without the sticker shock! Contact us today to get started.