Whole Home Wi-Fi

Our whole home Wi-Fi is designed to boost signal strength further from the router than less-effective alternatives.

Home internet solutions should be seamless, shouldn’t they? Well, that doesn’t happen if your connection in the kitchen drops to a single bar, or if you can’t stream Netflix in the basement rec room. Equipment such as range extenders doesn’t solve this problem if you have multiple devices connected, as the extender itself takes up a chunk of your available bandwidth. Besides, you’d have to constantly switch between different wireless networks, and then there’s the lost performance inherent in an extender setup. So, what do you do?

At KWIC Internet, we have a breakthrough solution that helps you say goodbye to spotty connections: our whole home Wi-Fi service! Discover what it can do, how it works, and why it’s a stress-saving, performance-delivering innovation.

Meet Mesh Technology: The New Connection Standard

Rather than hog bandwidth like a traditional range extender, this mesh system consists of high-performance mesh nodes, each of which can be placed in a different room to ensure fast, reliable home internet anywhere you need it. Secure mesh Wi-Fi solutions like ours enable multiple users in different parts of the house to enjoy optimal signal strength, even if there are several devices connected, since there’s no need to worry about switching to different networks as you move around. Plus, it’s easier to protect your household thanks to the single-network setup, encrypted and strengthened to keep cyber threats out.

Whole Home Wifi Devices
Whole Home Wifi Devices

Third Floor? Basement? Back Patio? No Problem

Our whole home Wi-Fi mesh system is designed to boost signal strength further from the router than less-effective alternatives. For instance, you can have a node installed on every floor to ensure everyone in the house has a fast, stable connection whether in bed, at the kitchen table or otherwise. Plus, the range of each node is extensive, meaning those backyard get-togethers with streaming music using your home Wi-Fi are now possible!

Whole Home Wifi Devices

Our whole home wi-fi solution starts at $10/month and includes two mesh nodes. Additional mesh nodes are $5/month. A $10 shipping fee may apply.

Features and Benefits

Discover what makes our whole home wi-fi great!

Fast, dual-band WiFi with smart connection technology

Manages frequencies and channels to give your devices the strongest connection

Seamless handoff between nodes as you move throughout your house

One network name, one password – simple and effective

Expert support available with just a phone call

Protection against equipment failure

Easy setup;
 hardware comes pre-programmed. Just plug in and enjoy!

Why Choose KWIC Internet

Turning to KWIC Internet for whole home Wi-Fi service provides you with a high-performing, ultra-reliable solution. This is made possible by our all-in-house support and network management team, meaning nothing is outsourced and you’ll always have the experts available for assistance. Since we operate locally in Southwestern Ontario, we’re also more approachable – both in terms of our pricing and our support! It’s a great choice for homeowners who want service they can count on.

Want to learn more about our whole-home Wi-Fi service offerings? There’s never been a better time to make the switch to KWIC Internet, and we’d be happy to show you what our solutions can provide! Contact the team today or browse our pricing options to get started.