How to Save Money on Internet in Ontario

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Eager to get the most value out of your home or business internet connection? At KWIC Internet, we understand the need to drive costs down while ensuring your browsing experience is the best it can be. Nobody should have to sacrifice essential performance or features just to stay within their budget limits!

Fortunately, you’re in luck. There have never been so many options available to residential and business internet users, including our own suite of internet service packages covering the complete pricing range. Whether you’re all about the convenience of a lightning-quick connection or just need to check emails a couple times a month, there’s an option waiting for you. 

With that said, how can you save money on internet in Ontario? Let’s explore in more detail.

Figure Out Your Usage Before Looking at Plans

Why pay more for something that you’re never going to use? The best thing you can do for yourself from a cost-saving perspective is to determine your household or business’ usage habits. For example, if you’re not streaming Netflix in 4K or gaming online very often, you won’t need as high of a usage allowance every month, which can be handy when trying to choose a more economical home Internet package. On the business side of things, if you only upload text documents and don’t deal with larger files such as uncompressed video, a more budget-friendly option is sure to satisfy your needs. This is especially useful for small start-ups who need to get the most value out of every dollar in order to hit the ground running. Figuring out usage habits helps to avoid any confusion when you’re looking at dozens of service options, as it’s easy to get distracted by the great deals available. However, stick to what best matches your needs at the best possible price – the savings associated with doing so may be worth it!

Don’t be Afraid to Leave the “Big Guys” Behind

Brand loyalty is one of the biggest reasons why Internet service customers stay with their current, normally overpriced plans. This is especially difficult to break free from when other services are bundled, such as satellite TV and smartphone services. What many folks may not realize is that such bundles don’t always equate to a deal. In many cases, the real savings can be found by looking over the walled garden and exploring other horizons, thereby not limiting your options. That’s always been our goal at KWIC Internet: to empower customers with choice, sensible features and pricing, and we’ve been proud of the impact it’s made. 

Are You Getting the Speed You’re Paying for?

If you’re signed up for “lightning-fast” Internet connectivity but are moving along at a snail’s pace, the likely culprit is network throttling and false advertising. You should benefit from the network speeds that you agreed to when signing up, which is why it’s best to shop around and find a provider that has a reputation for quality service and meeting expectations. After all, if you’re not getting the speed you’re paying for, then it makes no sense to be paying for it! There are plenty of more affordable options that offer slightly slower speeds but the same dependable performance otherwise. 

What Service Type Do You Actually Need?

Aside from usage and speed rates, the biggest influencer of Internet service costs is the connection type itself. Some utilize fibre optic networks for blazingly fast performance but also cost more, while others offer traditional dial-up at the cost of network speeds and multi-user support. 

That’s why KWIC offers a wide array of service connection types when it comes to residential and business Internet; everyone has a unique use case. Live out in the countryside and want a dependable DSL connection? We’ve got you covered. Or, how about residential high-speed wireless connectivity, dedicated web hosting or otherwise? Again, we’re here to empower you with choice, making it easier to narrow the options down and find an ideal plan at an ideal price. 

After-Sales Support

In order to lower your Internet bill in Ontario, you should also ensure that you can count on your provider to deliver impeccable customer support and network security. This is the best way to get the most out of any services you sign up for, alleviating any worries while improving uptime. After all, you have standards that we providers should work hard to regularly meet, which is why we’re happy to provide thoughtful and dependable support services!

Want to learn more about ways to lower your home or business Internet costs on a monthly basis? KWIC Internet is happy to help you make an informed, value-driven decision without sacrificing critical performance-related needs. Contact us today to discuss our plan options, features, and more – we look forward to helping you make the right choice!