How to Fix Your Wi-Fi Problems with the Right ISP

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There are plenty of options nowadays when it comes to choosing an internet service provider (otherwise known as ISP). However, not all are made equal. Some don’t mind charging you more than what they should, offering fewer features at a higher cost and capping your bandwidth at low figures. 

At KWIC Internet, we’re about bringing people together rather than pricing them out. We’re firmly committed to providing cost-effective, high-value services to everyday folks and business owners who need fast, reliable internet connectivity. Using our years of expertise and knowledge of the current ISP landscape, let’s explore how choosing the right one can help you enjoy the best possible service – and at the best possible prices!

Proper Support

When we think about fixing Wi-Fi problems at home or work, there’s one point of contention that comes to mind: support – or a lack thereof! Without it, it’s possible to encounter everything from network outages to speed (bandwidth) throttling that can last for ages. Server maintenance and network upgrades are also essential, so regular updates need to be administered with care and proactivity. Therefore, the best thing you can do for yourself and others using the network is to look for a provider known for top-notch support. Besides, there’s no point in signing up with an ISP if they don’t get the ABCs of customer care! 

Sensible Data Caps (or None!)

Ever look for home or business internet service that appears to be a good value, getting you all excited, until you see a limit on data usage per month that stops you from signing up? While it’s perfectly understandable that we all share the network and collective usage can overwhelm servers and lines, the limits on more affordable plans are often too low. If you’re like most of us and rely on digital technology more than ever – Zoom calls and streaming music to name a couple examples – this can be a real pain to deal with. Choose the right ISP to bypass this issue – one that offers a fair balance of bandwidth and value. At KWIC, for instance, we’re proud to offer high-speed residential DSL service with unlimited data usage per month, and the same goes for our high-speed wireless plans. We’re also happy to extend the same courtesy to our business internet solutions, because nobody should be limited in getting the most out of their plan.

Optimal Download and Upload Speeds

Watch a lot of Netflix in 4K? Lucky enough to pre-order the Xbox Series X and anticipating large downloads for your games? Operate a local business where multiple team members are sharing files or handling uncompressed data? Ensure you have the best download speed for your needs. For general usage, the optimal number is 15 Mbps or higher, though plans with lower figures are available if you want to save a few dollars a month. Be sure to research what an ISP offers for download speeds before committing to a plan – there’s nothing more annoying than getting all set up and having to upgrade sooner than later!

On the flip side, what about sharing large files or streaming video calls? A decent upload speed is around 5 Mbps or higher. The more you can increase it, the faster it will be to send large files, which can be handy if you deal with raw image or video files, videoconference a lot or otherwise.  

Rural Connection Options

There’s a misconception that rural internet services are forever destined to be slow and unreliable. This is a façade – any ISP is perfectly capable of providing a solution that performs well enough for general usage and even remote commuting. That’s why we challenge this misconception head-on with a variety of cost-effective internet service plans that don’t skimp on the features you need most. Whether you need to keep in touch with loved ones, coworkers or otherwise, KWIC makes it easier to stay connected.

High-Quality Routers and Wiring

If you have a dry line installed for a DSL connection, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the installer – observe what they fiddle about with and make sure that no corners are cut. Also, when they perform a network speed test once the line has been run through the house or business property in question, check the figures that appear on readings and compare to your plan – if they match, then you’ll get what you’re paying for! You should also make sure that the router your ISP provides is high-enough quality and from a reputable brand – this is especially important if you need Wi-Fi with a wide range that supports multiple users.

Need more help with your home or business Wi-Fi solution or otherwise? Our team at KWIC Internet is happy to help. Contact us today!