Why You Should Keep Up with Regular Updates

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Having a stable, high-performing internet connection is both a convenience and a necessity for many. However, in order to ensure that your network continues to perform at its peak and deliver the results you expect, regular updates are important. 

There are many reasons for this, the most critical of which include security and maximum uptime. Thanks to solutions such as KWIC Internet’s nonintrusive, simplified approach to network maintenance, it’s never been easier or more streamlined to tune up your system and keep everything working as intended. Today, let’s explore in more detail why you should keep up with regular updates. This doesn’t just apply to Internet services but all your favourite apps, desktop and mobile operating systems, and more! 

Protecting Business Assets and Data

If you’re a business Internet customer, then you know how critical it is that sensitive internal data remains private. Access should be always maintained via dedicated permissions management systems and built-in security parameters. However, these defenses against cyber attacks aren’t nearly as effective without consistent updates to your Internet services and any programs you use. Why? Well, digital threats are much like real-life viruses; they constantly mutate and evolve, meaning we need to stay on our toes and remain proactive. Therefore, antiviral defenses are regularly updated to ensure they can fend off the latest risks. This leads to the improved protection of your company’s digital assets including data, product designs, sensitive communications between employees, and otherwise. Features such as KWIC Internet’s members-only spam filter, email security services, and other business options are also ideal for ensuring maximum data security.

Optimized Performance

Your internet connection is advertised to offer specific usage and speed rates in addition to overall performance. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. As services continue to be adopted and new innovations are discovered, there are opportunities to pass on this knowledge to users via firmware patches. The result? The most optimized, fastest network connection possible, which scales to respect the speed and usage range you signed up for. In that sense, maintaining networks and continuing to optimize is our way of ensuring the best possible value for KWIC Internet customers. 

Stability and Reliability

Nobody wants to be stuck with an Internet connection weighed down by network dropouts, video buffering or other frustrations. It’s also a necessity for many folks working from home that they can rely on the services they have set up so, for a lot of us, there’s no time for these problems! Sometimes, code can go bad or corrupt another line somewhere else – it’s the nature of the update system, and that’s why service providers never release just one patch. Think of system updates as a never-ending game of Tetris – you have to keep moving the pieces around to ensure the best possible performance. It’s a lot of work, and we’re fully committed to ensuring maximum stability and reliability for all our customers. The same applies for operating system producers such as Microsoft and Apple, not to mention app and even game developers.

Constantly Updated Security

We touched on the importance of business Internet security earlier, but what about residential services? Well, with regular and nonintrusive updates to your home network, operating system and software, you benefit from peace of mind and stronger defenses. Much in the same way, the focus of these updates is often a combination of security and performance tweaks to keep everything running smoothly, securely and to your satisfaction. Regardless of whether you’re in a small or large household sharing a connection, such as our high-speed wireless Internet service, you deserve to stay safe and keep your private data to yourself. 

New Features and Improved Value

Think of where we would be today if iOS, Android, and other forms of software were never updated. We’d still be stuck in the age of clunky user interfaces straight out of 2008, which is not a good time! Plus, we’d be missing out on compelling new features that inspire us to use digital solutions every day, and the very concept of working from home would have never come to fruition. Updates breathe new life into longtime services, programs and otherwise – it’s not always just about stability and security! This is a great way to help users get more out of their investments and prolong system lifespan – especially important as needs, habits and otherwise change every day.

All in all, well thought-out and carefully optimized updates are never a bad thing; they’re designed to help you get more out of a product or service without paying extra! As pioneers of value-driven home and business Internet services, that sounds like a great deal to us. If you want to learn more about our service offerings or network updates, feel free to reach out to us today.