Does a Digital Home Phone Make Sense for You?

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When people think about phones, usually two kinds come to mind – the traditional landline and the smartphone. However, there’s a third kind on the market that could be an even better fit for you. This is actually a technology known as Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP, for a digital home phone connection that utilizes your internet connection rather than copper phone lines. KWIC digital home phone solutions are one such example, and here’s why it might be an ideal fit for your needs and/or use case.

Shrink Your Bill and Keep Your Number

Looking for a cost-effective home phone service? KWIC offers phone plans that fit nicely into your budget. Have an international call to make? We also offer competitive pricing that’s nearly impossible to beat, especially when factoring in the cost savings of digital phone services that don’t require a new line installation. When you move to a digital home phone service, you can keep your existing phone number for only a small porting fee. Additionally, should you decide to move, you can continue to keep that number. Bear in mind that we will need some advance notice in order to set everything up for you. 

Enjoy Top-Quality Service

When you’re buying a smartphone or a traditional landline service, you may not be getting what’s best for you. Some providers seek to focus on sales whenever possible and will push features and packages that aren’t necessarily what you need or even want. At KWIC, we do things differently. We’re dedicated to the customer – your needs and budget take precedence over everything else! You won’t get an automated message when you call us – we pick up the phone and answer. And, with our dedicated support services available anytime, it’s easier and quicker than ever to get your connection issues resolved. Enjoy maximum uptime and minimized stress for a whole lot less.

Looks and Feels Like a Traditional Home Phone Connection

If you’re transitioning from a landline to a digital home phone, don’t worry – it’s easy to get used to your new service because it’ll behave just like your old connection, only likely more reliable with higher-quality call audio! Unlike most traditional home phones these days, digital home phone services include all the best features as standard. Our favourite is voicemail to email, so you can listen to your messages from anywhere and don’t have to wade through dozens of old messages on your phone.

What’s more, digital home phones allow you to make your calls directly from your computer, from your smartphone, or even from your old telephones, connected to a special adapter. Effectively, you are turning your voice into a digital signal that travels through a secure internet connection rather than over regular telephone lines. 

One Provider for Your Internet and Phone

A really good reason to connect your phone to your internet? You’ll be bundling your internet and phone plans, and therefore will only have one provider who deals with both. It’s a great way to reduce “bill bloat” and ensure you get the best possible value for your monthly payments. Your provider will know exactly what you’re paying for and will be able to make the best suggestions for you, ensuring only required features are implemented and nothing that you’re not using. We also have equipment available to purchase.

Ready to make the switch? We don’t blame you! Our team at KWIC is standing by, ready to help you streamline your home communications in every way possible. Contact us today to sign up for an ideal, cost-effective digital home phone plan.