6 Benefits of DSL Internet

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At KWIC Internet, we love helping individuals not only get online but enjoy their experience every day, meaning streamlined access to all the information they could ever need, ample entertainment and education solutions, and new opportunities for interaction while using their favourite devices at home or work. With our internet packages available with unlimited data and the optimal balance of performance and cost-effective pricing, it’s a win-win scenario for every type of user! 

Our high-speed DSL internet, in particular, is very popular. Why? Because it’s fast, reliable, and easy to use with no hassle involved, all without compromising your budget! Today, let’s take a look at the most common benefits associated with DSL internet packages like ours.  

No Tying Up Your Landline Phone

There’s a misconception that “nobody” uses dedicated landline telephones. That’s just not the case – plenty of our own customers enjoy having a dedicated line and legacy technology that they’re familiar with, and we believe in the power of choice. DSL internet is excellent in this regard as it doesn’t tie up your phone line despite sharing the same connection source. Plugging into a breakout port is easy if you only have one in the wall, and you’ll never need to worry about waiting to connect as your DSL service is always active. It couldn’t be easier or more straightforward, ideal for many use cases where the “plug and play” approach is what works best. In addition, since DSL uses the extra lines available on telephone channels, you won’t have to worry about installing a second dedicated line just for your internet.

Fast Downloads

Whether handling large files for work or downloading that latest blockbuster video game, your DSL connection can keep up. Breakthroughs in service technology have ensured optimal download speeds and performance, even for heavy users or multi-user households. This is especially beneficial when plugging a Wi-Fi router into your modem if the latter doesn’t already include a wireless antenna, as anyone in your home or business can get online without having to physically connect. Of course, for the fastest downloads of all, ethernet connectivity is a great alternative and actively supported on DSL modems. 

No Need for Extra Wiring

Since DSL doesn’t use a proprietary, fancy new connection solution, it’s much more economical to implement in your home or business. If you have an old phone jack that’s in good shape and simply doesn’t get used, it’s as easy as plugging a single cable in between it and your modem. Save on time, money, and headaches by considering this straightforward service!

More Secure

We at KWIC prioritize not only customer satisfaction but also data privacy and security. Our high-speed DSL internet services are fine-tuned and optimized with precision to ensure the best possible security. Some alternative, inferior networks can introduce various risks that may expose your data unintentionally, but our DSL has stronger protections in place to minimize this risk. When combined with antivirus software and by considering the risk before opening any strange web pages, your network remains more airtight so nothing nasty can get in as easily and snoop around.

Actively Supported

What good is having a home or business internet connection if it isn’t getting proper support and updates? New versions of DSL are faster and more capable than ever, including our own, but we don’t stop there. In addition to speed testing to ensure you’re getting the numbers you pay for, we offer fast and friendly tech support over the phone or by email – even on weekends. That means no having to wait until Monday if you need to get back online today! We also can provide onsite assistance if required. 

When it comes to updates and regular maintenance, the best approach is a non-intrusive one. Using our high-speed DSL as an example, you’ll benefit from exactly that, along with dedicated spam filtering and other security precautions put in place to safeguard your data privacy.

Easy on the Wallet!

Thanks to its widespread adoption, DSL has aged like a fine wine and only gotten better over time! Back in the day, it was more costly to implement as the technology was newer, but now, it’s the standard for home and business internet and trusted by countless millions of individuals. As a result, prices are more like deals nowadays, giving you ample performance and speeds in a variety of tiers suitable for all budget ranges. There’s truly something for everyone while being easy on the wallet, and we’re proud to be part of this commitment!

Want to learn more about residential or business high-speed DSL services from KWIC Internet? Great! We’d love to show you. Get in touch with our team online or by phone today, and let’s narrow down the options to find the right one for your needs and use case.