Do I Need a Wi-Fi Extender?

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Have a spotty Wi-Fi connection? Whether you’re working from home or using your personal devices, a poor internet connection can cause you unneeded stress. A Wi-Fi extender can be an effective solution to your problems. Think of it as a second router that is extended to your first, increasing the range and efficiency of your Wi-Fi. It’s that simple, it really works, and there are tons of benefits to having one.

Eliminate Dead Zones

Dead zones are those irritating spots in the house that you absolutely avoid when you’re using the internet because you lose your signal, and it’s impossible to load a page. They exist because your router’s Wi-Fi range doesn’t reach that far. Putting in a Wi-Fi extender expands the range of your Wi-Fi, providing a strong signal where you didn’t have it before. With a properly placed extender, you can even get your internet in your backyard. 

Don’t Have To Match Brands

Not sure which brand to choose? There’s no need to stress if the extender isn’t the same brand as your router since a connection will still be formed. When you’re purchasing your extender, the main thing you need to focus on is the specs. Your extender should match the specs of your existing router because that way your extender will be just as capable as your main router. If you have an ac1200 dual-band router, get an ac1200 dual-band extender. You should be able to find your router’s specifications online when you look up the model. This is the main thing you need to know when you’re going to buy an extender. 

Faster WiFi Performance

It’s incredible how slow your WiFi network can become when multiple people are using it. With an extender, you’ll be doubling your existing Wi-Fi coverage, and as a result, more people can enjoy the internet without it getting overloaded. You’ll experience better overall performance. That includes buffer time on videos and loading time for pages.

Wi-Fi extenders are commonly used to boost connectivity for gaming consoles, mobile devices and smart TVs. These devices all stream from the internet and require fast performance. 

Beamforming Technology

Many Wi-Fi extenders have beamforming technology. With your existing router, you’ll probably have Wi-Fi that spreads in all directions to provide as much space as possible with an internet connection. Beamforming Wi-Fi extenders will take the Wi-Fi and locate devices within its range, such as smart TVs, gaming consoles, and laptops. Once they’ve been located, those devices will be provided with a stronger signal for optimized performance. 

Easy Set-Up

A Wi-Fi extender doesn’t require too much technical expertise to set up and use. You plug the extender into a wall outlet in the room with your existing router, create the connection to your new router – it can be as simple as pressing a button – and then find a good spot for your new extender in another room and plug it into another outlet. You don’t have to move the computer or the existing router either, making it even easier. With a Wi-Fi extender, you don’t need to buy extra cables or fiddle with the network. 

Overcoming Obstructions

When your Wi-Fi has to go through walls, filing cabinets, and other barriers, your signal becomes weaker. Building materials can block Wi-Fi signals, which limits the range of your Wi-Fi. A Wi-Fi extender will allow you to bypass those obstructions, increasing the range and the performance of your Wi-Fi throughout your home. 

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