How to Find an Internet Package Suited for the Whole Family

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Shopping around for a new home internet service? These are exciting times to explore the market, to say the least. Plus, given recent events, more folks than ever are upgrading to or signing up for all-new internet packages. With that said, there are some caveats that you need to bear in mind, especially if you’re considering a package for the whole family to use.

The thing is, not all internet offerings are made equal. There are specific aspects that should be checked before signing up, ensuring whatever plan you choose is cost-effective while meeting all household needs. To help you make an informed purchasing decision, here’s how to find an internet package suited for the whole family by considering five critical components.

Download Speeds

Online gaming teenagers? Working at home? Caring for a loved one who loves their Netflix while recovering from an illness? Download speeds used to be painfully throttled back in the day, but thanks to the innovations of wireless signals and fibre optics, we’ve come a very long way. Nowadays, the most competitive internet packages feature plenty of bandwidth to ensure you have a smooth, seamless, and beneficial browsing experience. This is also good news for streamers, as they won’t need to deal with irksome video buffering or waiting hours for a download to complete. Talk about a win-win scenario – this is one way to keep the kids busy and entertained while at home!

Upload Speeds

Upload speeds are just as critical as download speeds, but only to certain people. If you upload a lot of large files, it’s definitely an area of performance to focus on. This is especially important if you work at home or, in addition, handle large video or audio projects that require sending raw files to others for collaborative purposes. Optimal upload speeds are great for everything from social media posting to Facetiming grandma as well, so everyone gets to enjoy the benefits.

Monthly Usage Limit (or None!)

We’re sure that many of you use to suffer at the hands of low monthly data capacities; thankfully, those days are long gone. Even if you do have a data limit in place today, it will often be far more than what you need, even for budget-friendly internet plans. There are more unlimited packages available nowadays than those with a limit, however, including our very own residential offerings at KWIC Internet, so finding the ideal performance-to-dollar value has never been easier!

Multi-User Support

Hate being bumped offline once someone else needs to hop online to check their email? This can be a nightmare for those working from home, it’s true, but it’s also a needless sacrifice to make when most modern plans are designed to support multiple users right off the bat. This is especially true for local Wi-Fi and DSL plans, with compatible modems and routers even supporting multiple wired Ethernet connections to ensure everyone enjoys the best speeds – perfect for when the kids want to game online while their parents research a family vacation!

Connection Type

Lastly, have you considered what type of internet connection best aligns with your needs and budget? There are a few out there to consider. Dial-up can cost as little as ten dollars a month, making it by far the most affordable option, and KWIC is proud to offer it in basic, lite, regular, and unlimited variations. High-speed DSL, on the other hand, is far faster and can support multiple users, and all of our plans of this type feature unlimited usage! Lastly, the cream of the crop is unlimited high-speed wireless internet – the perfect solution for families who live in rural areas. Connecting your rural property via wireless internet is a simple way of avoiding the headache of trying to maintain a stable connection over unreliable Wi-Fi networks. Our unlimited high-speed wireless internet enables families to confidently navigate the internet to their heart’s content, regardless of where they live.

Whichever home internet package you select for your family, always ensure it provides the following:

  • Optimal upload and download speeds for every household member’s use case
  • Excellent support and customer care
  • Support for rural installations with more options
  • Competitive pricing and the best possible value on storage (unlimited being ideal for large households or heavy content consumers)

If you’re ready for a new home internet browsing, streaming and remote working experience, the team at KWIC Internet is ready to help with all the above, plus other benefits! We have a wide selection of plans with no-nonsense features that content consumers and families love including unlimited data on most plans, affordable pricing, multiple options for rural regions and areas that normally don’t receive DSL service, and plenty more! Get in touch with us today to learn more about our residential internet packages.