8 Ways the Internet Allows Us to Stay Connected

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As the pandemic continues to put a freeze on plans for travel or being with loved ones in person, many of us are online more frequently and for longer throughout the day. The internet is, in many ways, a lifesaver during not only these difficult times but throughout the year under normal circumstances. We get to learn, keep up with the latest goings-on around the world, stay in touch with family and friends, play online games, and so much more – it’s a Swiss army knife of possibilities! 

With that said, perhaps you’re wondering how else to use the web to stay connected, whether to work colleagues during remote shifts or with family during these times when it’s impossible to see them in person. Let’s explore some of the most popular methods of staying connected.

Facebook + Messenger

Even if you’re anti-Facebook, there’s no denying that it allows us to keep tabs on friends and family members easily, which is essential nowadays when it’s just as easy to worry about how they’re doing. With the ability to see when they’re online while keeping up with their latest life moments, using social media can act as a way to soften the blow of being stuck indoors by providing a look into the lives of those who mean the most to you. Plus, if you’d prefer to not use Facebook, the paired Messenger app can be used on its own. 


Plenty of us have created our own Instagram profiles for ourselves, our pets and more, and using this platform means having easy access to beautiful photos, life updates, videos, and other uploads. With filters, captions, tagging and more, it can be a fun way to interact with friends online or share moments that are meaningful to you.


Many folks turn to Twitter to follow along not only with their favourite artists, friends and otherwise but with world events. People from around the globe regularly share updates as situations unfold, so this is the quickest way to get the news (just be sure to take it with a grain of salt until the facts are proven).


Have a favourite hobby? Reddit is your gateway to digital communities of others who share the same interests. It’s a great way to interact with people safely online and maintain stimulation. From pc builders to retro video game collectors and a collective of passionate beagle owners, there are channels for all sorts of interests ready for you to join. 


What about working from home? Are you struggling to keep team members updated on projects or keep up with the latest alterations yourself? Slack is an excellent resource, acting almost like a workplace version of Facebook without the ads. Message your fellow employees, make video or audio calls, and follow along with the latest internal developments with ease, complete with tagging and other features to ensure you don’t miss out on anything important.

Collaborative Google Docs

So, you’re able to keep in touch with group and individual chats, but what about actually getting work done on collaborative projects? Google Docs is your best friend here, offering real-time content creation and editing with multiple users at the same time. It might feel a bit strange to see a colleague or even client writing at the same time as you on a different part of the page, but it also opens the doors for more seamless collaboration, quicker editing, and faster task completion. No need to wait on someone to finish before you do your bit – everyone can chip in at the same time easily!


Zoom is fantastic for everything from critical conference calls with the entire team to checking in on how grandma is doing on the East coast. High-quality video calling complete with adjustable backgrounds, permissions management features, and more make Zoom one of the most popular solutions of its type. This is also excellent for students working on assignments remotely due to the pandemic; keeping everyone on the same page doesn’t have to be complicated!


What about keeping in touch at long distances? Pandemic or not, this can be a real challenge both emotionally and convenience-wise. WhatsApp is one of the most trusted and popular solutions, consisting of an application that utilizes your phone number and any form of internet connection. Send digital text messages, share photos and videos, and even make calls with those who you can’t be near at the moment, and you’re sure to make their day. This application is particularly popular amongst individuals who can’t travel back to their homeland to visit their families and friends in person. 

Staying connected has never been easier to accomplish thanks to so many options available, and most are free to use! Whether you’re a remote worker or simply want to interact with those you love at a distance, you have plenty of ways to get in touch and enjoy interacting with others. Take advantage of these tools today!