Is it Time to Switch Internet Service Providers?

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Nobody enjoys shopping around for a new internet service provider, and we don’t blame them. There are so many questions folks are often left asking themselves when searching for an alternative to their current provider:

  • Can I trust their pricing?
  • Are they throwing in unnecessary features to jack the price?
  • Am I going to have to pay out the nose for bandwidth or usage?
  • What about setup fees?
  • Will my new connection perform as well or better than my old one?
  • Is it really worth the hassle to make the switch? What am I really gaining?

That’s a whole lot of concern, and people are right to feel this way. There are a lot of too-good-to-be-true options out there, but what you really want is something realistic without hidden surprises. That’s also where we at KWIC Internet come in. We’ve been helping more individuals switch to fast, stable, high-quality internet connections at great prices, and without hidden fees or billing changes. Informed by our many years of experience including with rural internet service provisioning, the latter of which can be a pain point for many, let’s go over the key reasons why it may be time to say goodbye to your existing internet service provider. 

Paying More Than You Should

Shoppers are smart, especially when they do their homework and research what competing ISPs are offering for pricing when it comes to similar plans! With that said, have you noticed that what you’re getting is costing more with your current provider than with others? Too many times we’ve seen customers sign up with us for even better plans at a lower price than what the guys down the street offer. These companies are counting on brand loyalty to keep doing well, but many ISPs also believe in quality customer service and giving you what you pay for. 

In the end, always research your billing and plan to calculate whether you’re really getting a good value. We see this all the time with smartphone plans – there’s always a better option out there for either the same price or less! 

Can You Trust Your ISP Anymore?

On that previous note, what if you thought you found the “better option” but are actually getting into higher or fluctuating monthly bills? Reading the fine print is critical in this regard, as is looking into how your dream ISP is viewed by the general public. Reviews from Google, the Better Business Bureau and otherwise are your best bet for finding out. To put it short and sweet, find a provider who you can trust is going to be good to you, honour their proposed pricing, and deliver support you can count on.

Support (or the Lack Thereof)

Speaking of which, how is the support you receive from your current ISP? Are your concerns getting quickly addressed so you can continue to enjoy their services, which are valuable tools for many including remote workers? Or, are you stuck waiting for them to resolve issues for weeks on end and give you the runaround due to communications problems? Our team at KWIC Internet takes customer satisfaction extremely seriously, just as we should – you’re always put in touch with an attentive, fast-acting expert who will work quickly and efficiently to address any issues. Our support hours make sense for those working in the real world, too – no need to rush home at 5pm before the line closes for the evening! We also offer weekend support accessibility, so you’re always going to benefit from the best of care. 

Features, Features, Features!

Are you interested in joining a new provider to get more monthly usage or – a dream for many – unlimited usage? Yes, such a thing is very much possible in higher-tier plans, but they might not be as costly or bloated as those offered by your current provider. By bloat, of course, we mean unnecessary features or bundles packed in that can’t be removed but jack up the bill. The best ISP is one that is more accommodating and flexible, offering a wider selection of internet and digital home phone plans to suit your specific needs and budget. 

What About Rural Connections?

Think you’re paying way too much for something as simple as dial-up internet after researching other plans? That might be just the beginning – other providers could very well offer faster alternatives to rural regions while your current provider doesn’t. We’ve seen this happen a lot with customers who turn to KWIC Internet for faster rural plans at great prices, and they’ve loved the switch.

Are you ready to modernize your internet connection with something flexible, cost-effective, and with tangible value to you? KWIC Internet is here to help. Reach out to us today, and let’s help you make the switch in a stress-free and smooth manner.