4 Major Things to Look for in an Internet Provider

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Looking for a new internet solution? When it comes to shopping around for internet services, there are a number of important factors that should help inform your decision – you can’t just pick the most attractive option on the outside without getting a sense of what it’s really like as a customer! Think of it as buying fresh fruit in a local market – do you know what you’re getting for the money, and is the cost worth it? Or are there even better options from a lesser-known vendor for a better price?

Today, let’s ensure you make a smart choice when narrowing down your options. Here are some important aspects to examine when you look for an internet provider.

Rural Plans that are Dependable and Sensible

Plenty of big-name internet service providers (ISPs) boast “incredible” performance for less-populated areas, but do the options available back up these claims? As a KWIC Internet rural customer, for instance, users experience stability, high upload and download bandwidth, and unlimited monthly usage – and all that is part of the standard plan! Staying connected, wherever you are, is more important than ever, so don’t assume that every ISP understands the ABCs of rural internet use cases. Some folks operate local businesses, many work remotely from home, and others have large households who need something dependable – these needs can be just as demanding as in urban areas, sometimes more so. 

Options for Every Use Case

Speaking of use cases, what’s yours? Are you running a small local start-up? Or, perhaps you need an ISP that can provide ample bandwidth for the online classes your children are enrolled in for school. And then there are the nice-to-haves – 4K streaming without slowing everyone in the house to a crawl, for instance. What you do with your internet connection varies from the neighbour down the street, and that’s why ISPs need to provide a wider variety of service options. Not everyone needs Wi-Fi but wants the cheapest possible bill without skimping on performance, in which case a high-speed DSL or cable internet plan would work best for them. Or, if Wi-Fi is a necessity in a home with many always-connected devices, make sure the plans on offer support multiple active users at one time with ample upload and download bandwidth – too little can mean your connection could throttle down, resulting in a less-than-ideal experience! At KWIC, for example, we offer a wide array of solutions for home and business internet connection needs including Wi-Fi hotspots, digital home phone services, high-speed cable and DSL options, and more. 

Don’t Settle for Data Caps

If a provider is locking you into a pre-set gigabyte (GB) limit per month, regardless of the plan, then run for the hills. You can do better and can likely save money by shopping elsewhere. Agreeing to any such plan imposes needless usage limits on your account, which will slow your connection to a crawl until the next billing cycle begins if you exceed the magic number they provide. Unlimited internet usage used to be expensive but, as technologies have evolved and become more widely implemented for less, there’s no reason to be using an internet service under the shadow of a monthly limit. At KWIC Internet, we offer truly unlimited usage for all home and business internet plans, and we’re glad to do so!

Plans that are Worth the Cost

There’s been a lot of noise lately about how high internet prices from certain companies are skyrocketing, and it makes sense – where’s the value in paying more than what you ought to for what has become a standard service? As we’ve already covered with unlimited usage options being readily available, you don’t have to pay more than what is sensible if you do your research in advance. To understand which internet service plan offers the best value to performance ratio, consider how much you upload and download, and whether you find yourself wanting more or being happy with less. Also, have circumstances changed in your life where you require a specific plan, such as the kids moving out or taking on a roommate? You may be happier with a lower-cost plan with slightly reduced upload and download speeds, or you may find that upgrading to a higher-spec plan at a different provider is actually cheaper than staying where you are. We see this happen all the time with customers who migrate to our own services.

All in all, if you’re looking for an internet provider for home or business purposes, be sure to do your homework. The more you research and read up on what has become the industry standard – as well as the appropriate pricing – the more you’ll find affordable and worthwhile options! If you’d like our help in finding a cost-effective internet service plan that doesn’t skimp on minimum required performance, our team at KWIC is here to help. Contact us today!