How Unlimited Internet is Empowering the Work-from-Home Culture

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The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t start the work-from-home culture, but it did radically shift it into what it is today. For many years, employers resisted change and feared what they might not fully understand. At the same time, some companies dove head-first into remote working without proper planning and preparedness, leading to some serious growing pains along the way.

Many of the pain points faced by remote workers have been addressed in the past couple of years alone, with smarter technologies and more solutions that support fully remote or hybrid operations. The advent of reliable, unlimited internet as a new normal is a crucial part of this. 

Today, let’s explore how it helps empower the work-from-home culture, making it much more than a nice-to-have!

No Needless Download Caps

When working from home, you don’t want to end up exceeding your monthly internet service plan’s download limit. This can throttle your connection and limit your ability to operate remotely, resulting in a mad scramble to fulfil your duties in an alternative manner (especially if coming into the office isn’t feasible for some reason). Or, you might find yourself hit with massive overage charges, and extra expenses are definitely not what we need right now! 

Unlimited internet does away with these needless frustrations by, as the term implies, not having a data cap in the first place. Whether downloading raw image assets, mission-critical content briefs or other documents, slide decks or applications, doing your job doesn’t have to get in the way of doing your job any longer!

Optimal Upload Speeds

Many unlimited home internet packages, including our own at KWIC, incorporate sensible upload speeds. With sufficient bandwidth, everything from sending files and assets to even firing off an email will feel snappier. There’s good news for you Zoomers and Google Meet-ers out there as well: avoiding the dreaded video glitch when joining an important video call. We call that a win.

Independence and Integrity

It used to be that many employers distrusted remote commuting because it appeared to be such an alien concept that sacrifices would surely be made. Compliance risks abounded including those related to data privacy and security, among others. Nowadays, many of those risks have been alleviated through the development and adoption of smarter, more fortified technologies designed to support new work models in a more compliant manner (though there are some exceptions, understandably, such as in government offices). 

The average employee working from home has access to a bevy of best-in-class tools that make life better, ensuring they can keep up with their team members and collaborate with them easily. Some examples include Slack, Google Docs, Microsoft Teams, and other similar solutions. When paired with an unlimited internet connection, this serves as an assurance of their independence when needed, not to mention their integrity as an individual. Many can even use their own personal computers without fears of being micromanaged or asked to install monitoring software, all while their connection keeps up with day-to-day needs in their roles.


“Unlimited” is a word that inspires many to seek new horizons, to get out there and try something new – it’s almost like a sandbox sensation! Since some folks work better in an in-person work environment and others are more effective in their roles when left to their own devices and comforts of home, having the right internet connection ensures you can benefit from incredible experimentation. Go ahead and develop a flow and routine that works for you – your ISP can keep up without slowing you down.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of unlimited internet for remote workers. If you are interested in learning more about our available options at KWIC, including unlimited high-speed wireless internet in Ontario, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out to us today, and let’s make remote work a realistic and cost-effective option for you!