How the Internet Has Changed Over the Last Decade

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We’ve certainly come a long way from that familiar screeching dial-up tone, haven’t we? Today’s internet is a night-and-day improvement over what we had to make do with many years ago. We can browse to our hearts’ content with unlimited data plans, blazing-fast network speeds and more. Of course, the modern internet is also much more secure and safer, and that’s before even getting into the new services that have spun off from constant web access.

Given that it’s a brand-new decade with plenty of promise for innovation ahead, why don’t we look back at how the internet has changed over the past ten years? Let’s dive in!

Social Media Frenzy

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus – wait, scratch that last one. Either way, the list goes on and on when it comes to the number of increasingly popular social media platforms out there. Whether you’re into forging new digital business connections, keeping in touch with family and friends around the world or following along with updates from your favourite celebrities, social media is a constant source of information. Of course, with so much data at our fingertips, it’s also important that we can recognize when something is a hoax to garner clicks or too good to be true. While social media platforms certainly existed a decade ago, they’ve only since drastically increased in popularity. In fact, many businesses use them to raise awareness to users of their products and services, turning the web into an even more lucrative means of advertising.

Chrome is King

Remember Internet Explorer? Long ago, it was the gold standard when it became time to select a suitable web browser for your everyday use. Today, Google Chrome is by far the most popular choice – Internet Explorer’s replacement, Microsoft Edge, isn’t nearly as widely used by comparison! With support for extensions, streamlined user operation, and integration with Google’s search algorithms and companion services such as GSuite and YouTube, Chrome just makes getting online and getting things done that much easier. In fact, with modern Chromebooks that can do a lot more than most folks realize, Google has transformed Chrome into an operating system that competes directly with Windows and Mac OS.

Businesses Count on Web Marketing More Than Ever

Ever heard of Search Engine Optimization? Otherwise known as SEO, this term applies to tweak web content to incorporate specific keywords and phrases that are tracked by Google and compared against the number of searches made by users that include them. The more relevant your website is to specific users, the higher it can rank on Google search results. While it takes a lot of hard work and content marketing wizardry to hit the top of page one, it’s entirely possible if you commit to high-quality, original content that’s designed more to engage users than simply list a bunch of information. This has increasingly become a popular marketing trend, particularly in the last five years – if you run a business with an online presence, consider taking advantage of this opportunity!

The Digital Streaming Revolution

We’re not sure there’s anyone left who hasn’t used one of the many ultra-popular video streaming services available online. From Netflix to Disney+ and Apple TV+, there’s plenty of choice! This is completely different from the days of walking into Blockbuster and picking up the latest DVD release; it’s now instant, complete with high-resolution 4K video playback and download support so you can enjoy great movies and TV shows wherever you are. There are plenty of competitors competing for your hard-earned money across these platforms, so shop around and see which offers the content you enjoy the most (and don’t forget to check out the free trials available).

Higher-Quality Apps and Multi-Device Support

Whether you’re a novelist or a neurologist, there’s a phone, computer or tablet app for you – in fact, there are probably a dozen great ones relevant to your everyday needs! The 2010s were a decade of ground-breaking app developments covering everything from health and fitness tracking to productivity programs, console-quality games, highly optimized social media apps, and much more. There’s also multi-device connectivity to consider as a major breakthrough in recent years. In the past, internet speeds would slow as you add multiple tablets, phones and other devices to a single network, but that’s changed. Nowadays, networks are much stronger with higher bandwidth, meaning those study sessions with friends at your place or conference meetings with multiple computers running are hassle-free!

Internet connectivity has paved the way for plenty of new breakthroughs, trends, and innovations over the years, and we’re excited to see where it all leads in the 2020s. To experience it for yourself, contact us at KWIC Internet today and take advantage of the great offers on our high-speed residential and business internet services!