Am I Spending too Much on Internet?

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Finding the best internet solution for your needs is a topic we’ve covered extensively, but the core message bears repeating: you don’t need to take what’s being advertised just because it looks convenient. Before signing up for any service, including ours, we always recommend getting to know your use case, habits and otherwise, to better understand the true value of every dollar you spend. 

At KWIC Internet, we’re paving the way for more cost-effective home and business internet solutions at more competitive prices, but what’s the best option for you? Are you spending too much on your existing internet package? Here are the key questions you should ask yourself:

What Do I Like to Do Online?

Online Scrabble? Settling in fireside with the latest e-book? What about multiple Zoom calls a day or 4K-resolution streaming? How you use your home internet connection has a significant impact on what plan will best suit your needs. It can be difficult to understand what consumes the most bandwidth, so let’s help you out with a quick-fire list of common tasks among users:

  • Streaming video at 1440p or higher consumes considerably more bandwidth.
  • Social media, email, and programs such as Google Docs are relatively lightweight. 
  • Avoiding third-party browsers such as Chrome and sticking with Safari (Apple) or Microsoft Edge (Windows) not only gobbles up less bandwidth but also taxes your system’s RAM (memory) less. This can help your devices perform smoothly for longer!
  • Download a lot of video games and play online multiplayer frequently? This is a primary cause of users exceeding their data caps for the month. Ensure you have either an unlimited download option or one with a high usage number to ensure there’s plenty of overhead. 
  • If you export raw, high-resolution images or video content – or just happen to share a lot of data online – check to see whether you have the best upload speeds for your use case. That doesn’t mean that you have to pay for the most expensive option, but you also should avoid the bare minimum to avoid performance headaches. 
  • IP camera systems and smart home tech like Google’s Nest collection of devices tend to always run in the background, consuming data, but you may not need a top-of-the-line internet plan to get the best performance out of them. Many of these systems are designed for weaker 2.4 GHz signals rather than 5 GHz, so you won’t need anything state-of-the-art to get them working properly – just focus on the speeds you’re getting!

Do I Plan on Growing My Household Anytime Soon?

Next, consider whether you’re expecting any new additions to your household. Children and teens specifically tend to consume a lot of content online, as do young adults. Before rushing towards the fastest, most expensive internet option, take the time to figure out the use cases of all household members – you may find that there’s plenty of breathing room even with a more moderately priced alternative, especially when choosing DSL or cable internet plans! Put simply, always plan ahead when requesting a service setup, whether for homeschooling, remote working, or even having visitors over for the holidays.

What am I Not Using?

Nothing succeeds like excess, but do you have more than what you’re actually using in terms of download/upload speeds, special features, or otherwise? Check your bill to get a sense of exactly what you’re being charged for – you may be shocked to find charges that don’t make sense in some cases. Some internet service providers lump in “bonus” features that cost extra after a limited promotional trial period, while others like KWIC Internet prioritize hassle-free, crystal-clear billing for all plan types. The more you understand what you’re not using, the more you’ll know whether your current plan is necessary. If it’s not, don’t be afraid to look for a lower-cost option that still provides the performance and convenience you need!

Have I Been Shopping Around?

It’s easy to stick with the “big guys” as their advertising is among the most prevalent everywhere you go, but you may be missing out on great opportunities – offering more for even less – with other, smaller providers. It can be especially difficult to try something new if you’ve been with an internet provider for a long time. You owe it to yourself to shop around and see what else is out there beyond the walled garden. Who knows? You could end up owing less every month as a result!

To summarize, don’t feel that you’re stuck with your current provider or service. There are new options out there every year, especially in rural and smaller communities, not to mention continually improved savings as modern technologies become more widely adopted as the new standard! For more information on our internet service plans, contact us at KWIC Internet. We’re happy to help you find the right solution for your use case, budget, and needs!