How KWIC Makes Unlimited Internet Affordable

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Whether it’s your first time buying an internet package or you’re switching to a more cost-effective plan, you deserve unlimited access that’s fast, reliable, and cost-effective. Despite the fact that bills across Canada are climbing due to the CRTC’s latest decision, KWIC is doing everything we can to keep our rates down. We don’t want to charge our customers prices we wouldn’t feel comfortable paying ourselves! Here’s how we keep costs low and sensible.


KWIC offers several configuration options when it comes to installing internet in your home. For instance, you can choose between fibre or cable, high-speed DSL, or unlimited wireless high-speed internet. These are all set up differently in your home, and all offer unique benefits. 

Some of these are blazing fast and better for multi-device households that gobble up plenty of data. Others are even more budget-friendly or make use of existing technology like landline phone jacks. Due to the different capabilities offered by each service, they have varying price points for the basic packages, meaning you can choose the one that best fits your desired bill amount and usage needs.  

No Hidden Fees

The CRTC recently decided to reverse its mandate to lower prices on internet access, so rates at some providers are already rising. However, that might not be the only reason your bill is larger than necessary. If you’ve received a bill that was higher than it should have been, you’ve likely been a victim of hidden fees. These can include installation and activation charges, fees to rent equipment, security charges, a “healing” fee to maintain your bandwidth, data overage costs for whenever you exceed your data, and early termination fees. KWIC doesn’t believe in these hidden costs, and we want you to be well aware of what you’re paying for before you even sign up. Don’t hesitate to ask us questions about specific plans or packages!

Tailored to Your Needs

You don’t have to spend extra money each month on a plan if you’re not using it to its full potential. For instance, for households with many occupants who work from home, play video games, and need speedy internet access constantly, the Fibre 250/10 plan is a fantastic option, giving you unlimited usage and high download speeds without your bill going over the $100 per month mark. Alternatively, if you’re simply looking for basic access and a stable connection to browse the internet, the Wireless 4 and DSL 6/800 plans are more basic, even budget-friendlier options that will surely meet all essential needs. There’s no shortage of other competitively priced and feature-rich plans to choose from!

Support and Customer Service

We at KWIC don’t focus on selling the next shiny “new” thing; why try to fix what isn’t broken? Instead, we focus on sensible, tried-and-true solutions that don’t break the bank for the customer or the provider, which is why we’re proud to have a wide range of solutions available to our customers. 

For instance, a plan that works well for a family living in a downtown core or in the suburbs won’t be as beneficial for someone living in a rural area. Our representatives can help guide you through the process of picking the right plan so that you get the most out of your internet from the day it’s installed. After your internet service is installed and activated, you can always contact our support team with any questions or for help troubleshooting problems. 


In an era where everyone is connected via the internet, it’s hard to live without it. We at KWIC take pride in efficient, reliable, well-supported services. We can easily recommend a plan suitable for your location, your wireless or wired connectivity needs, and your available budget. We also operate throughout Ontario, making our cost-effective and unlimited solutions more readily accessible to local households. To learn more or have us set up your services, contact KWIC today. We’re happy to help!