How KWIC Makes Rural High-Speed Internet Possible

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Live in a rural area and worried you can only get dial-up internet where you are? Never fear! We at KWIC have been working hard to bring high-speed internet to more folks than ever before, and we’re excited to have made great strides in rural Ontario. At the moment, we have high-speed services available in the following areas: 

  • Norfolk County
  • Brant County
  • Oxford County
  • Elgin County

Don’t see your county or region on there? Don’t worry – we’re not done! The KWIC team is continuing to push towards the dream of affordable, fast home internet for all. In the meantime, why not explore how we make rural high-speed internet possible in the first place? 

Progress Through Innovation

For decades, dial-up was the way to go – or, rather, the only way unless you were to pay exorbitant fees for something with strange conditions. Over time, however, as high-speed internet capabilities have been used, thoroughly tested, and optimized, they have become more “battle-hardened” and dependable. Uptime has never been better, regular updates ensure maximum stability and performance efficiency, and continued innovation from our own and other teams has contributed to getting us where we are today. It’s a small step in the right direction, but it has a big meaning in the long run!

Demand Driving a Difference

It goes without saying that over the years, especially since 2020 given what the world is attempting to cope with in a remote capacity, there has been a continued interest in faster internet speeds in rural areas with better upload and download rates, more or unlimited data capacity, and much greater stability. With that demand came the opportunity to invest in new technologies and solutions, and that’s how we’ve been able to gradually roll out high-speed internet in rural Ontario areas. We’re sure that there are more to come as time goes on and more folks sign up, and we can’t wait to see more of you online!

Cost-Effective Home Internet for All

Of course, as more folks have signed up for high-speed internet over the years, the more affordable the technology has become for us to not only implement but also maintain. Driving those costs down while maintaining the same exceptional user experience is what we focus on most, all while delivering best-in-class support you can always depend on – even on weekends! 

That being said, what good is this if you can’t take advantage of some serious savings? With our rural home high-speed internet plans starting at just $49.95 a month, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your network – and get a great deal in the process!

Unlimited Usage – No Nonsense!

You know the feeling. You’re out in the middle of the countryside, it’s pouring rain out, and you can’t really easily get anywhere in this weather. While working from home, in the middle of your zoom call or your children’s remote learning lessons, you run out of data. Why?

We’ve been asking ourselves the same question – why is this still a thing? Home internet is only truly useful if you can make full use of it, so why impose artificial limitations when there’s plenty of support and traffic management capability in place? Our approach is simple – unlimited usage every month. No stress or download anxiety. Netflix all day to avoid going out in the snowstorm? You’ve got it. Videoconferencing for hours followed by collaborative filesharing from your work-issued laptop in the home office? Not a problem. We make rural high-speed internet possible by approaching use cases realistically, which is why plenty of folks have signed up and enjoyed a more enriching and beneficial user experience. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Looking to the Future

We’re continuing to invest in a combination of dedicated team members, innovative technologies, and tried-and-true, proven internet solutions. That way, rural residents and business owners alike can count on KWIC’s promise of economical internet for all with the performance and pricing needed to make it more accessible to people from all walks of life. By continuing to gradually expand our offerings and high-speed availability in rural counties, over time, more folks can discover these and many other benefits associated with our various service options.

Are you interested in learning more about not only rural high-speed internet, but also our other home and business service packages? We’d love to help you narrow your options to find the ideal balance of price, performance, and planning for your use case. With truly unlimited usage allowance, a focus on security and stability, and speeds that don’t keep you waiting, KWIC Internet is excited to provide compelling new connectivity solutions for your everyday life. For assistance, contact us today – we’re happy to chat with you about your use case and needs!