6 Myths About Rural Internet

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Know what drives us crazy? People assuming what rural internet users need without being in the same situation. Plenty of other internet service providers do this by default, which is why we at KWIC Internet like to do our homework. The result? A wide range of cost-effective, high-value, no-compromise solutions ideal for various use cases. Why? Because every user is unique – we each have our own needs, and the very definition of service is to serve those needs. 

Let’s set the record straight once and for all by debunking these common rural internet myths.

Dialup and Slow Satellite is Good Enough for Rural

If dialup or slow satellite internet was the most popular choice by choice, those in cities would be still using it, so that’s not the case! In fact, rural residents and businesses are chomping at the bit to amplify their connection speeds and download bandwidth, especially nowadays. These individuals need a stable, reliable internet connection more than ever, and we can provide it.

Rural Residents Are All Light Users

Far from it! While using simple email or instant message to stay in touch with loved ones is more important than ever, especially when living in quiet surroundings, rural users also rely on their home internet connection for a number of other uses. Social media is more popular than ever, especially with the ability to share video calls to stay connected. Then there are gamers who benefit from interacting with friends over that next hyped-up online match, parents in need of new healthy recipes and cooking guides, households eager for a new movie to stream on Saturday night, and students who are utterly dependent on a stable home network to perform well in virtual classes.  

Rural Residents are More Frugal

Traditionally, dialup or satellite internet prices have been quite high for what you really get. While the service might be ideal for those who simply hop on to check a few emails and their social media messages, we notice at KWIC Internet that individuals need more data and faster speeds but without a higher price tag. That’s why our latest suite of service options is designed to eliminate bandwidth-induced stress, helping you get more out of your service for the same price or less every single day. In short, we believe all users deserve access to fast, reliable services at a fair price.

Rural Users Don’t Care About Wi-Fi

Many might be under the impression that rural households and businesses are perfectly happy with a basic wired connection. While this is an excellent option if you want a lower bill and the same great performance, it’s not for everyone, which is why we’re happy to offer Wi-Fi and wireless hotspots as suitable alternatives. No matter where you live or work, if your property is home to multiple wireless-capable devices in addition to smartphones and other essential systems, going wireless makes for a lot less hassle. If you have a single desktop computer and a separate landline phone connection, however, then going wired can offer exceptional performance with no need to worry about sharing bandwidth. It changes from user to user based on their requirements and preferences. 

Rural Users Only Go Online During Peak Hours

Your peak hours might be completely different from those of Bob down the street. The same applies if you live in the countryside and your nearest neighbour is a few clicks up the winding road. Folks are online more frequently for longer in all types of environments, from sleepy little towns and bustling cities to remote rural areas. Some work from home, attend virtual college classes or regularly need to keep an eye on loved ones in COVID-19 hotspots. In that sense, peak hours continue to change based on the needs of users – which is why having a higher-quality, faster internet plan regardless of when you use it is an ideal approach. This starts with a rural internet provider that cares about delivering on its promises.

Not Many Rural Users are Remote Workers

This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, plenty of folks are moving to country settings for a fresh new take on life, taking their jobs with them when remote commuting is permitted! This is great for smaller rural communities, as locals who spend more time closer to home tend to more readily support local businesses due to sheer convenience. Plus, with more rural internet options becoming 2020-friendly in terms of speed and data capacity, it’s a win-win scenario!

Want to learn more about rural internet plan options? We at KWIC Internet are happy to help you understand what’s available, what pricing best aligns with your needs, and when we can get you all set up. It’s time to put aside the preconceptions about slow, unstable rural internet connections – those days are long gone! Contact us today to get started.