Why Are People Still Using Home Phones?

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You might be surprised to hear that many individuals are still hanging onto their home phone connection. Known otherwise as a landline, this traditional wired network has been around for a century from a general perspective. That means, as technology has evolved, that there are more feature-rich options available at equally competitive rates.

So, why are people still using home phones? There are a number of perfectly acceptable reasons. Let’s explore some of them in more detail.

Not Everyone Needs a Smartphone

Many landline customers are seniors or those who lead simpler lives, therefore not requiring all the latest bells and whistles when it comes to tech. These folks just want something that works and is dependable; given that landline technology has been around for so long, we can’t say we blame them for sticking with it for this reason! Plus, there’s no need to worry about an internet connection – simply pick up the receiver and it’ll work as long as your landline is properly set up and maintained by your provider. 

There are also individuals who, under normal circumstances, would rely on using a cellphone for work purposes. However, many employers, including in the government, readily supply employees with these devices, meaning there’s less of a need for a personal smartphone. In these cases, a landline and home internet connection are plenty for many folks, helping them save money – especially important during these difficult and strange times!

No Stressing Over Replacements

Nobody’s going to take a look at their wall-mounted phone and worry that it could get stolen or break down. The same applies to keeping the battery topped up – if you have a cordless set, just plop it back in the charger when not in use and you’re good to go! Landline handsets aren’t fancy by any means, but they sure are resilient and designed to take a serious beating over time. Most models can withstand years of heavy use, especially if corded. That means more long-term savings by not having to shell out for a new phone every year or two, which sounds like a win-win to us!

Simplified Access to Emergency Services

One of the most significant reasons why people still hang onto legacy landlines is for immediate, no-nonsense emergency calling. Whether 911, a loved one or otherwise, being able to reach the right individuals for the job quickly and without hassle is important. We often don’t consider the importance of precious seconds until we’re faced with a stressful or dangerous situation, and this is where, even today, a home phone connection can save lives. 

A Little Bit of Nostalgia

Remember those days of your mother chatting away on that avocado-coloured wall-mounted phone for hours on end? We used to be much more social creatures back in the day. While those days will never return, some of us prefer to hang onto as much of those simpler times as possible to avoid making bigger changes. This is understandable – the old ways are sometimes the best – but you’re also missing out on far improved call reception and performance at a similar price!

Why Not Upgrade to Digital Home Phone Services?

On that note, if you’re hanging onto a traditional landline, have you considered upgrading to digital home phone services? It’s just as simple to set up and use, and you’ll continue to enjoy a highly competitive bill. Digital phone connections use your home internet connection instead of a legacy landline, meaning less wire clutter. At the same time, you also don’t have to worry about getting a phone technician to come out and fiddle with cable boxes if something goes wrong with your line; everything is consolidated into a single internet line, whether DSL, using your phone jack or otherwise. 

Other than that, what are the actual reasons to upgrade? Well, for one, you’ll enjoy much clearer calls with way more uptime. Modern communications technology is lightyears ahead of legacy landlines in terms of call quality and performance, which can make all the difference when chatting with those who have hearing difficulties or otherwise. This means having more pleasant, enjoyable conversations on both ends, not to mention fewer dropped calls, no waiting for the line to be freed up, and faster dialing! 

Landlines might not be going anywhere anytime soon, but if you’re set on maintaining a home phone connection at a great price, switching to digital is a stress-free and highly beneficial option. Contact our team at KWIC Internet today for more details, or visit our digital home phone service page for plan details – including all the extra features we bundle in at no added cost!