KWIC Internet: An Alternative to Internet Providers in Toronto

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When shopping for a new home or business internet plan, the last thing you need is more complications. These can arise in terms of pricing and unexpected fees, “feature bloatware” where you don’t use half the included services you’re stuck paying for, subpar support, mediocre speeds and bandwidth, and more.

Say goodbye to all those headaches. It’s time to start with a clean slate and enjoy a breath of fast, fresh air. KWIC Internet is proud to be an alternative to internet providers in Toronto and the surrounding area, offering a wide range of highly competitive pricing tiers for DSL and cable internet in addition to other companion services. Our goal is to make the user experience – your experience – more enjoyable and less of a hassle, delivering top-notch performance and dependable connections you can count on.

Let’s dive in and explore why Torontonians are choosing KWIC Internet as an alternative to the big guys.

Fast and Friendly Support

Scheduling your internet installation is a breeze when you turn to our team; with many years of real-world expertise in helping real customers, we know what works and what doesn’t. This extends to our support services, which are available every day of the week via phone or email, including a toll-free line. That way, you’re not stuck waiting for help on a Monday when you need to be back online on a Saturday, and we offer remote support so you won’t have to worry about arranging for someone to perform onsite diagnostics. We’ve helped save many a movie streaming night or urgent Zoom call, and we’re proud of it!

The Performance You Need – and Nothing More!

With choice comes power, and we want to empower our customers! There’s no need to pay for exorbitant upload speeds when what you really need is improved download times – our internet plans are available in a number of pricing tiers and configurations, offering unlimited usage and a fair balance of speed and performance for every use case. Whether you’re a remote worker whose internet connection is a veritable lifeline or a large household of gamers, we have something for everyone. That means you only pay for what you need, not what you don’t.

Useful Features Abound

If you’re looking for optimized security with spam filtering, dedicated email connectivity, Wi-Fi or otherwise, we can help you with our range of performance-enhancing features. We even offer digital home phone and Wi-Fi hotspots. Along with included wireless modems on select plans, variable dry loops and more, you’re in good hands when we’re your Toronto internet service provider of choice.

Test to the Limits

Curious whether you’re getting the upload or download speeds you’re paying for? No worries, we know every megabit counts! Use our handy speed tester tool to see everything from jitter to ping, with links that can be copied and shared with others on your network. We even offer a dedicated speed testing app for desktop systems. In short, honesty is our policy, and we want you to get the maximum possible value out of our internet services.

A Team that Puts Users First

Our goal with connection maintenance, security and customer interactions is to be as out of the way as possible, but also available whenever you need us. This is a fine balance to strike but we make it happen with ease thanks to a talented, dedicated team of technicians and support specialists. From server upkeep to system upgrades, modem replacements and more, we operate discreetly and non-intrusively so you can continue to enjoy your service with minimal interruptions. We also highly value your online security and data privacy, operating proactively to protect every user who trusts in us.

What We Dare to Do Differently

The following principles are fundamental to us at KWIC Internet:

  • We answer the phone when you call, and we’re well-informed on how your specific plan and features work from the outset. No scripts and no hassle.
  • No negotiations and no nonsense; the price we promise is the price you get, and we strive to deliver unparalleled value for every single plan variation regardless of whether you choose cable or DSL!
  • Problems are solved properly the first time around, ensuring maximum uptime and way fewer headaches. That means no needless delays, no tiptoeing around issues, and no stress.

Our humble small-town beginnings haven’t left us in many ways; we remain adamant about providing personalized, efficient and people-first service. The profits come if we do things fairly, correctly, and professionally, and that’s what KWIC Internet stands by.

We’re proud to be an alternative to internet service providers in Toronto in more ways than one – it’s not just about helping you save but also giving you a great experience! For more details or to schedule your installation, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today.