Hello again! We’re back with an update on our wireless tower construction. 

So far, we’ve talked a lot about fibre, but there’s another start in this show: our next-generation fixed wireless network.

Many of you may know wireless as a slow, unreliable, last-resort service. Downloads take forever, video calls just won’t work, and you can’t count on your internet service when you need it.

We are here to change all of that, and it starts with tower placement.

Our goal is full, reliable coverage of all of Haldimand County, and this means we’ll be installing lots of well-placed towers to ensure coverage everywhere (if you’re surrounded by trees, in a valley, with no height, you may need a little boost at your end, but we can help with that).

With full, even coverage, everybody’s signals are strong, and that means everybody has a good experience – it means you’ll have internet you can count on.

To make this happen, we’re installing 6 towers in the next several weeks, and these are just the first of many to help us blanket Haldimand County in fast, reliable broadband. Before the year is up, we expect to cover more than half of the entire County!

The process of installing a tower is quite simple: we excavate a foundation, pour concrete, and then attach a tower to the foundation. Now, there are a few other things that happen behind the scenes before the tower goes up, but once it’s up, fast, reliable internet can be yours, sooner than you think.

If you’re interested in better internet, use the contact form below to get in touch. We’ll add you to our future customers list, and we will be in touch when we cover your area.